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[LCDR] Steven J. McGarrett
10 March
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Name: Steven "Steve" McGarrett
Birthdate: March 10, 1977
Age: 35
Current Residence: O'ahu, Hawaii.
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 190lbs
Hair: Brown.
Eyes: Blueish green.
Nicknames: Super SEAL, Neanderthal, Babe.
Distinguishing marks: Tattoos on both arms. [Right Arm]; [Left Arm]
Schools: Kukui High School [KUKUI KINGS FOOTBALL!!]
Occupation: Lt. Commander in the Navy Reserves; head of Governor's Five-0 Task Force.
Family: John McGarrett [Deceased], Doris McGarrett [Found; Alive!], Mary Ann McGarrett [Sister]; Joan McGarrett [Niece]
Relationship status: Single

Being the one and only son of John McGarrett was never a title Steve looked fondly upon. It was a lonely and harsh existence growing up a police officers son; grandson of late Steven McGarrett, a soldier that died during the attack on Pearl Harbor. The family legacy was a bit hard to avoid.

When Steve's mother died in a tragic drunk driving accident, he was left to pick up the pieces of his broken family. Mary Ann had turned to a life less glamorous - it included long nights out, drinking, drugs, stealing. His Dad had become obsessed with investigating the truth behind his wife's death. Enlisting into the Navy SEAL program seemed like a breeze compared to dealing with his home life. Steve's personal drive resulted in his jump to Lieutenant Commander. Living the life of a SEAL gave him a reason to live a dangerous life, they paid him to put his life on the line for his country, and he enjoyed it.

He enjoyed it until his Dad was brutally murdered by Victor Hesse. Steve returned home to O'hau, and the Governor of Hawaii offered Steve the job of running a special task force that had full immunity from the law, to not only capture the man that murdered Jack McGarrett but to capture other criminals that stain the image of beautiful Hawaii.

Five-0 is the name of Steve's task force. He is joined by: Danny 'Danno' Williams (via New Jersey), Chin Ho Kelly (frmr. Football star, and HPD), and Kono Kalakaua (recent HPD Police Academy graduate).

CANON: Steve is played up-to-date as the show moves on. His storyline will follow whatever happens on the show. After his Dad was killed by Victor Hesse, Steve came back to Oahu for the funeral, only to be begged into running his own task force. Living back on the Island was difficult at first for Steve, everything was full of memories of the family he once had.

After escaping prison, Steve is deadset in finding evidence that leads the Governor's death to infamous international criminal Wo Fat. Lt. Commander Joe White, the man responsible for training Steve, arrived on the the island to specifically clear Steve's name. With the help of CIA Agent Jenna Kaye, Steve acquires the key to a box at the airport where his Father hid a memory card. Evidence on that memory card sets Steve free, and reinstates 5-0. Now it's time to find Wo Fat and Steve is more than ready to put him behind bars - but is he ready to learn the truth about his Father? Only time will tell.

Now that the truth has come out about his mother, who has been alive for twenty years; Steve is struggling with forgiveness. His mother confessed to living a double life as a secret agent, and after Wo Fat's father's death, she had to disappear to save her family. Finally bringing his sister Mary Ann around, Steve watched as his fractured little family started to learn how to "make amends" after all these years.

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